4 February 3301

Federation Withdraws from Panem

Following on from the deployment of Federal aid to the beleaguered farmers of Panem, President Halsey has today announced her intention to recall all Federal forces from Kappa Fornacis.

The President has said of this:
"I am pleased with how our marines turned aid workers were able to help restore order to Panem so quickly - exemplary of what the Federation can offer its allies."
The leader of the Kappa Fornacis Farmer's Association, Georgia Algeria, has denounced the Federation's efforts. He said to gathered reporters:
"Don't be fooled by the Federation. They're liars! This is just window dressing. They bully us, they burn us - now they try to buy us. Well we ain't scared and we ain't for sale. We say what happens on Panem, and we say Onionhead will live on!"