5 February 3301

It's Not All about Sovereignty

The past few months has seen dozens of frontier systems launch initiatives to break away from Sol, due in no small part to the forced implementation of several unpopular and far reaching policies dictated to colonial leadership by the federal government.

The most recent referendum on federal membership took place in the Dulos system, where an overwhelming 75% of the population voted to leave the Federation and become an Independent state.

However, in recent weeks there has been a surge of support for the federal government all across occupied space. Where previously there were tens of dozens of independent movements, all but a small handful of them have now fizzled out.

Pundits point to President Halsey's strong plans for the federal economy, along with her clear willingness to send the Federal Navy to protect the interests of member states at a moment's notice, as the major causes of this most recent shift in opinion.