3 February 3301

Trouble on the Fringe - Balaikda

It seems that even the edges of colonised space aren't free of problems.

A civil war has broken out in Balaikda between two of the system's minor factions, namely HIP 43760 State Plc and Balaikda Ltd. The former is Federation-aligned and unsurprisingly calls the nearby HIP 43760 home, while the latter is a local firm.

Observers have reported a heavy-handed response to this Federal involvement in an Imperial system, resulting in the Imperial Navy setting up checkpoints near a number of local planets. One source, who asked to remain unnamed, said:
"These checkpoints are manned by Elite Vipers and Cobras fitted with Plasma Accelerators, and are not to be taken lightly."
Battles have broken out across the system, with various local factions offering combat bonds in an attempt to urge independent pilots to lend a hand in the small scale factional struggle.