3 January 3301

Chancellor Blaine Supports Arissa

In a short interview outside his mansion on the shores of Lake Parisot on Topaz, Facece, Chancellor Anders Blaine was asked about his views on the succession, and he replied:
"I appreciated Arissa's kind words just before the New Year. She is of course absolutely right. Stability is what the Empire needs more than anything. She has been around court for much of her life and I know her well.
Emperor Hengist has made it clear to me he would wish her to be his successor. His marriage to Florence Lavigny will clear this up and Arissa will be the heir to the throne, and I support her."
This has helped quell some of the speculation caused by comments from other senior senators like Patreus and Torval. Markets have responded positively to what seems like a resolution to the succession.