3 January 3301

Dulos Joins Sanna's Bid to Leave Federation

Congressman Jane Garvey for Dulos agrees with Congressman Albertson from Sanna.

In a statement this morning made outside Congress on Mars, amid some persistent 'Oniongate' protesters, she said:
"The latest round of Federal tax rises is unfair on the frontier. In Dulos, like Sanna, we only get one vote. The core systems get hundreds. They control Congress and take our money. We too would like to become independent and masters of our own destiny. Then our votes will also matter. We are supposed to be a Federation, but we are not. We have two tiers, and it is the successful frontier systems like mine in the lower tier that pay for the lethargy and luxury here in the core."
She then entered Congress amid clapping and cheers from the protesters - who seem to support anyone who speaks against the government.