2 January 3301

Torval Celebrates Empire Day

Senator Torval has freed a further 10,000 unregulated slaves bought from private traders in the Federation to celebrate Empire Day. In a statement released this morning, she said:
"I want to see the end of unregulated slavery throughout the galaxy. Imperial slavery is a respected tradition, and not to be besmirched by the terrible practice with a similar name tolerated in the Federation by turning a blind eye to it."
Her statement seems to have ruffled a few feathers in Congress. We couldn't get a comment on record from any of the leadership, but we did get a reply from an aide trying to sneak past the few remaining 'Oniongate' demonstrators on the steps of Congress.
"That is a bit ripe coming from her. Slavery is illegal throughout the Federation. It is people like her, paying for slaves that keep the trade going, which is why we find it so hard to crack down on it!"