10 February 3301

Yembo-Crowdsourcing Required to Help Build New Station

After a week of speculation, Universal Cartographics have today announced that the system chosen to receive what is planned to be the first of a new fleet of UC-controlled Explorer Stations will be HIP 101110.

Samuel Covington, the leader of the committee in charge of choosing HIP 101110 as the target location, had this to say about the announcement:
"Hopefully this will be the first step in putting a more robust support system in place for all the brave men and women who risk their lives out there in the black. It won't be easy establishing a station so far away, but we believe the rewards far outweigh any obstacles that might crop up along the way."
Partial construction of the new station will take place in the shipyards of Yembo. Anyone capable of sourcing metals are advised to get themselves over to Naddoddur Terminal, Yembo straight away, as Universal Cartographics are offering some exceptional incentives to Commanders helping with their current construction efforts.