10 February 3301

Soontill Alien Artefacts to Be Auctioned at Ngurii

Soontill is back in the news this week as fresh rumours have surfaced of alien items hitting the market in Ngurii.

It's been nearly two decades since Gallagher Restoration's auction of Soontill relics was discovered to be merely an outrageous publicity stunt. Although many high profile individuals were left red faced after the Phekda auction, most notably the band Jjagged Bbanner, it seems people still want to believe in the Thargoid legend. Indeed, several familiar names have already come forward enquiring about the new finds.

What gives the latest rumours more credence than previous claims is the fact that the source of the alien items is not just one individual or one group, but several different lone wolf pilots.

Is this another hoax? Another stunt?