1 February 3301

Rejuvenation of Kappa Fornacis Underway

While protests on Mars continue, things are looking up for the beleaguered people of Kappa Fornacis, as Federal support agencies have begun delivering aid packages to those affected by the recent bombardment of the Onionhead fields on Panem. One of the protesters on the steps of Congress jeered at this.
"It is a cynical ploy to undo the bad publicity from the bombing. The Federal Navy should never have attacked a peaceful planet - the farmers were taking advantage of a naturally occurring crop."
Entrepreneurial commanders looking to capitalise on the federal grant to rebuild Kappa Fornacis are being asked to source Agricultural Medicine, Crop Harvesters, Terrain Enrichment Systems and as much Biowaste as possible. All goods should be delivered to the logistics centre aboard Harvestport.

Georgio Algeria of the Farmer's Union on Panem said:
"We did OK from Onionhead. Here and on Luca. We're here to stay. Keep your stinking aid. Be happy. Onionhead helps!"