31 January 3301

Citizens Show Strong Support for Aisling

Seven days after the program to help free Imperial Slaves before the end of their agreed term was started, Stop Slavery Stupid has claimed that over 100,000 Imperial Slaves have been brought to Cemiess to be freed in the Diva Duval's name.

With her grandfather, the Emperor, unable to fulfil his duties as head of state, this surge of support could mark the start of Aisling making her own move to claim the Imperial Throne.

When asked to comment, Aisling said she was "super thrilled" that so many people are willing to support a cause so close to her heart.

An Imperial source, who wanted to remain anonymous, told us:
"It was only a tiny number of commanders, only a hundred that supported this scheme, each making multiple deliveries. 'Her team' behind her are shady individuals after the power of the throne. This is a stunt. Signing up as an Imperial Slave to repay a debt is no different to signing up for the Military."