20 February 3301

President Orders Attack on Nijotec

In a shock announcement issued this morning, President Halsey has ordered an all-out assault on the Nijotec region.

In her address to the Federation, President Halsey had this to say on the matter:
"For too long the Nijotec Syndicate have been praying on the weak, innocent and infirm. I stand before you today to tell you that the Federation will not stand idly by while a supposedly legitimate independent nation abuses its own people. These openly criminal states are nothing more than self-serving parasites that have no place in our greater galactic society. Let the liberations of Nijotec, Banki and BD+03 2338 serve as warnings to any tin-pot dictators that think they can send their own little slices of civilisation back to the dark ages."
Nijotec is a small system that acts as a permanent home to just 21,500 people. In the past, it was well known for its rich mineral deposits, although the system has since been strip-mined to the point where the local refineries are currently exporting very little produce. The recession in the region and the subsequent abandonment of the sector's two outposts by the Lycan Moon Mining Corporation provided fertile ground in which the criminal group known as the Nijotec Syndicate were able to stretch and grow.