20 February 3301

Overview of the Past Week's Developments

Thanks to the combined efforts of entrepreneurs, small business owners and corporate sponsors, preparations for the launch of the new EAUC Exploration Ocellus began. 4,871 commanders contributed over 8,154,177 tons of metal to the project, which in turn allowed the EAUC coalition to outfit the station to a level far beyond their original specifications.

The number of petty thefts and burglaries being reported on Emerald in the Cemiess system has risen by over 300% compared with the same period in 3300, resulting in local social sites being flooded with complaints from long term residents who claim they fear for their families' safety. Commissioner Chamberlain of Emerald Security issued a statement saying they were cracking down on crime in the system.

In a formal ceremony in the Congress building on Mars, the Congressman for Siren, Ethan Naylor, was formally signed in as the Federal Vice President. The decision was seen as controversial as this is the first time a member of the Federal Leadership has been a Congressman from a frontier world.

The management team in charge of Durius were able to offer debt relief retraining to 12,070 newly minted citizens. As a result, 12,070 Imperial Slaves found themselves exported from Durius to other parts of the Empire over the last week. The move was partly facilitated through a newly formed business arrangement between Senators Patreus and Torval.

Residents of Toolfa Large were left in shock this weekend after local security services found a small fortune in raw gold sitting aboard what they presumed to be an abandoned Sidewinder in one of the station's lower hangars. The ship's records indicate that its owner, Mr. Hank Stone, spent the last month alone in the LAWD 26 system where he found a previously untapped source of precious metals. Mr. Stone was believed to have died from liver failure. He was found at his bunker near the Toolfa Large Short Stay Inn.