20 March 3301

Halsey Honours Heroes

Despite the actions of undercover operatives acting on behalf of the Crimson State Group aboard Hartsfield Market, the Federation continues to dominate the skies of Lugh.

Today President Halsey honours those heroes who have made the greatest contribution to the war effort.

Among them:

Lugh’s top gun, Commander Nightwulf, who has managed to singlehandedly remove almost 14,000 enemy combatants from the field of battle.

Khaka’s top logistics officer, Commander Darius Torkalar, who has personally shipped in 3000 tonnes of weapons into the area.

They have been heavily aided in their efforts by:

Post Commander Crownan

Post Commander Pablo-Diablo

Petty Officer Dave Lukewski III

As well as:

The Broker known as Commander BadBjarne

The Broker known as Commander Ranmust

The Merchant known as Commander Vorian Artreides