3 March 3301

Alliance Terraforming Initiative Set to Enter Final Stage

The Big G Corporation, in association with the Alliance of Independent Systems, is pleased to announce that a dozen planets involved in the Alliance terraforming programme are finally ready to undergo their last stage of biochemical transformation.

The first set of planets to undergo the final stage of terraforming includes:

Djaujas A 1 in Djaujas

Khona 3 in Khona

Dohkwithi A 1 in Dohkwithi

Hip 54692 3 in Hip 54692

Milelbis 4 in Milelbis

While the Big G Corp is expected to handle most of the terraforming process, using their patented and highly secretive World Blending Technology, independent contractors are being encouraged to visit with Big G representatives in order to take advantage of the various stock orders that the company is looking to fill.