6 March 3301

Pirates Prospering in Tanmark

Despite the Defence Force of Tanmark's overwhelming success in closing down the Tanmark Posse's operations on Luca, hundreds of unmarked pirate ships have been attacking innocent traders as they go about their business in the system.

It would appear that the recent wave of criminal activity has been sparked by the economic boom that the region has been experiencing, as a result of the increased production of Lucan Onionhead.

So far the Defence Force of Tanmark has only been allowing traders access to a very limited amount of Lucan Onionhead, a decision that they claim was made in an attempt to stop criminals from targeting individual traders on their way out of the system. That could all change, however, as the Defence Force of Tanmark is now offering to empty out its storerooms once security in the region has been restored.

Commanders interested in taking part in the security initiative should sign up for active duty aboard Cassie-L-Peia in Tanmark.