21 February 3301

Vesperian Auction Today Only

The galaxy is abuzz with excitement following the news that an anonymous donor has contributed a case of highly valuable and extremely rare Vesperian Nectar to the charity SpecialEffect, an organisation dedicated to leveraging technology in order to enhance the quality of life for people with physical disabilities.

Vesperian Nectar is produced from the nectar of Vesperian Orchid flowers, a plant that only grows on the planet Slough in Vesper-M4. The exceptional sweetness of this honey has baffled scientists and foodologists for centuries, as the atmosphere on Slough itself is both toxic and highly acidic. The honey is made by the Vesperian "Orchid Bee", an insect well known for its deadly sting. Vesperian beekeeping is a risky business, with numerous deaths occurring amongst keepers each year.

Commander Angel Rose will be holding private auctions on behalf of SpecialEffects throughout the day.