22 February 3301

The Importance of Insurance

It's been said before, but it's worth saying again. Remember to set aside credits for your insurance excess.

Only recently CMDR Gui returned home to Sol with his newly purchased Anaconda. Having equipped it with all the essentials he departed - straight into an incoming Type 9. Without the 4 million credits to cover the excess for his ship, he was left with no choice but to resort to a budget Sidewinder. His loss for that one incident was 800 million credits.

Though many pilots can turn to creditors to cover some of the costs in case of emergency, 200 thousand credits is not enough to cover the cost of a truly premium vessel.

The moral of the story? Always check your rebuy costs in your systems screen before launching. Don't leave the space port without having the excess.

You've been warned, commanders.

- Reported by CMDR Sheehy of the Reorte Chronicle