16 February 3301

Patreus Slave Sale Ends

It's been an interesting week for the people of Durius as they continue to undergo assimilation into the greater Imperial fold.

As part of that process, the management team in charge of Durius were able to offer debt relief retraining to 12,070 newly minted citizens. As a result, 12,070 Imperial Slaves found themselves exported from Durius to other parts of the Empire over the last week - a move that was partly facilitated through a newly formed business arrangement between Senator Patreus and Senator Torval.

Senator Patreus has said of this:
"I am glad the remaining citizens of Durius have freely entered the honourable Imperial tradition and agreed to repay their share of the debt by voluntarily becoming Imperial Slaves until their debts are fully repaid. I wish them well."
Given the fact that the remaining citizenry are in good financial standing, the temporary sale of Imperial Slaves from Durius has now come to an end.