13 February 3301

Overview of the Past Week's Developments

Rare alien artefacts went on sale in the Ngurii system, but many have speculated that this may be just a publicity stunt or a scam. Despite evidence against the legitimacy of the rare goods, the news has spurred speculation among collectors of Thargoid relics.

Imperial, Federal and Independent pilots from all walks of life came together to provide the vital resources needed to save countless lives in Ngaliba following a viral outbreak. Thanks to their efforts there were fewer than a dozen confirmed casualties before a cure was formulated.

Pilots gathered at Abraham Lincoln Starport at 18:00 on February 12 for the annual remembrance of the station's namesake. Lincoln was the leader of the former nation of the United States in the nineteenth century and was responsible for the abolition of slavery in the young republic. Pilots gather on Lincoln’s birthday to remember the legendary figure and show solidarity in ending the modern slave trade from which so many pilots profit.

The Chelomy Vision Fight Club, a group which convene to fight in the skies above Chelomy Vision, has emerged in the Balaikda system. Meetings take place weekly at 05:00 Universal Time on Tuesdays, drawing anger from local traders and government leaders. The group seems prepared to take on all comers in even contests of pilot skill, regardless of the reckless endangerment of human life and millions of credits in property damage.