6 February 3301

Overview of the Past Week's Developments

Although Federal aid was deployed to the farmers of Panem in Kappa Fornacis, President Halsey withdrew the troops shortly after. Although Halsey claimed the job was done, the leader of the Farmers' Association, Georgia Algeria, denounced their efforts as window dressing.

75 percent of the population in the Dulos system voted to leave the Federation and become an Independent state. Despite these changes, there has been a resurgence of support for the Federal government - some are pointing towards the strong plans to improve the economy.

The Dukes of Mikunn, a community-formed group, began sanctions against the dictatorial Law Party of HR 7327 in the system of the same name. The Law Party-owned Gabriel Station has since been under blockade until the regime change occurs. The Dukes of Mikunn have warned traders to stay away from the system and find safer routes if their route brings them near HR 7327's space.

The Sidewinder Demolition Derby was held last Sunday at Slough Orbital in Vesper-M4. The event will now be held every first Sunday of the month, and has pilots hurtling at one another in basic Sidewinders. Commander Rose told GalNet:
"The Jet Transport Corporation lost a lot of trade last Sunday. No ships were able to enter or leave the station for almost an hour for fear of being blasted into smithereens by these lunatic pilots."
Civil War broke out in Balaikda between two of the system's minor factions, HIP 43760 State Plc and Balaikda Ltd. The former is a Federally-aligned organisation, much to the surprise of the Empire. The Imperial Navy have set up checkpoints near a number of local planets as a direct response to the Federal Involvement in an Imperial system.