7 February 3301

Long Lost Station Returns

Some years ago Jaques' Station left its orbit around the moon of Topaz. Its mission? To discover new beverages, explore distant stars, and bravely go where no starport had been before. When the starport left on its journey the station was being captained by the toughest barman in all of occupied space, a part-Cyborg known only by the moniker of Jaques.

Jaques' transformation from man to machine began during the time he served as a member of the Quinentis Fourteens, a Federal black ops strike team. His unit was captured by enemy forces during the Battle of Hell's Gate.

The intrepid ex-soldier spent close to the next 200 years improving his cybernetic implants and saving up to buy the station in order to head off and explore the stars in style, and he is happy for people to join him. Stay tuned to GalNet to find out all the latest developments as they occur.