24 February 3301

Duval Distributes Doctors in Furbaide

Aisling Duval made her presence felt in Furbaide today, as she arrived aboard Effinger Port to offer assistance to overworked medical staff currently caught in the struggle against the virulent and deadly Volungu Blight. Along with her usual entourage, the Diva Duval brought dozens of imperially trained doctors and nurses, all of whom will be offering their services free of charge to anyone afflicted by the Blight.

It is hoped that the biomedical expertise provided by the imperial doctors will shed some light on to the genetic makeup of the disease, whose aggressive transmission and resistance to known drug therapies has local medical staff completely stumped.

The death toll for the disease is now reaching into the thousands, and with no cure in sight the situation can be expected to get worse before it gets better.