26 January 3301

Previously Unknown Explorer Returns from Outer Rim

Lincoln station played host to a rather eclectic delegation of scientists this weekend, as word spread of the return of Commander Erimus Kamzel from his lengthy expedition to our galaxy's Outer Rim. Commander Kamzel's journey, which started in Sol, saw our intrepid explorer travel a staggering 144,000 light years before he was able to return home.

Part of the journey saw Kamzel pass through the Galactic Core, where he was able to collect great swathes of data on areas such as the Greae Phio Stellar Forge, the Phipoea Nebula and the Dryad Chrea Stellar Remnant.

Perhaps most exciting of all, Commander Kamzel is believed to have mapped out a whole host of previously unexplored areas of space beyond the Scutum-Centaurus Arm. Federal, Imperial and Independent scientists from institutions all over occupied space are now engaged in a hot bidding war to see who will be the first to get their hands on Commander Kamzel's records.

Kamzel has issued a statement saying that he believes his discoveries should be shared freely with all humanity, to which effect he has released a series of video logs that can be viewed right now by searching your local video network for Distant Suns.