30 January 3301

Overview of the Past Week's Developments

Piracy in Istanu reached unsurpassed levels as miners were forced to leave the troubled region. One anonymous worker said:
"It's out of control! These pirates won't let an honest miner do a day's job without gettin' shot at. We need more independent pilots to come help clean up this mess."
Bounty hunters have been spotting the 'Silver Comet' in Quiness. The last reported sighting was made by pilot Johanna Meister who has since disappeared, reinforcing the myth that 'anyone who sees the Silver Comet will die.'

A coalition of pilots of French origin (a country from ancient Earth, whose descendants still speak an archaic dialect) were planning to launch a violent coup aimed at gaining control of Lave station. Lord Ryan of Ugain was the first to reply about the threat.
"My family emigrated from Lave to the Empire back in the days of Walden! We won't let the system succumb to tyranny again!"
Huge discounts were offered in the Durius System. It is hoped that the sale will generate some much needed capital for the impoverished region, although how many credits will be directly spent on the Durius system remains unknown.

The Empire's Realm Keepers are a small, secretive group that has ambitious goals and a desire to increase its numbers. Based in Liaedin, a system deep in Federation space, the ERK want to turn more Federal space over to Imperial control. A representative said:
"We will help defend the citizens of the Empire. We need your skill and cunning toward the growth of the Empire. We are looking to develop skills in stealth combat. We will align ourselves with other Imperial factions or guilds. We will fight against Federation and Alliance scum."