23 January 3301

Overview of the Past Week's Developments

Commanders from all over the galaxy are making their mark. Many different Commander groups are beginning to form to show their faction allegiance, demonstrate against decisions made by the Galactic Super Powers, or calling for support of their cause.

Communism Interstellar is an emerging group with the stated aim 'to give all sentient beings a better life and a chance for immortality'. Once Communism Interstellar gathers enough members its ten step plan involves taking on every communism mission possible, trading between communist systems and inserting spies within every major community group.

The Elite Diplomatic Corps aims to pool its efforts to favour Alliance interests across the galaxy. In a statement, the group said:
"We are calling every Alliance pilot from AEDC (or other organisations that sympathise with the cause) in the STF 1774 region to help our fellow comrades."
Independent pilots' actions were also credited by Senator Patreus in helping to bring an early end to the hostilities in the Durius system as they came to a close and reducing the number of casualties suffered by both sides. The Senator's civic management teams are now in the process of taking over control of the system's government in preparation for its new status as an Imperial world.

The recent slide of Banki and BD+03 2338 into states of lawless anarchy caused some to accuse President Jasmina Halsey of completely mishandling the socioeconomic climate. Some claimed her missteps have left the Federation weaker than it has ever been before.

The Imperial wedding was delayed due to Hengist Duval's sickness. The markets did not notably change in reaction to this news, suggesting that the true state of the Emperor's health has come as no surprise to those in power.

Traders operating in systems across the galaxy have complained of an increase in illegal racing activity. A representative declared:
"These speeding ships are a menace! They perform dangerous manoeuvres at ridiculous speeds and that puts honest traders like us in danger."
The Buckyball Run continues despite the outcry.