23 January 3301

Outcry over Imperial Marriage Delay

Following news that the Imperial Wedding would have to be delayed indefinitely, a wave of unrest has begun manifesting itself across the Empire. Citizens from all over Imperial space have flooded popular social sites to express their disappointment, frustration and concern over the matter. One particularly angry Patron proclaimed:
"It's not about the loss of business, it's about the loss of trust! It's pretty clear that the Emperor has been seriously ill for quite some time, yet the Chancellor likes to pretend that everything is okay. Well it's not okay! This latest gaff by the Imperial Palace shows just how little attention our leaders are paying to the Citizenry on the streets. They're all too busy playing - trying to grab whatever scrap of power they can. And who suffers for it? We do."
The Chancellor's office declined to offer any new comments as to whether or not the Imperial Wedding would be rescheduled for any time in the near future.