4 January 3301

Federal Shadow President Hudson Criticises Halsey

It seems the steps of Congress have become a venue for interviews with politicians amid the repetitive protest holos and the tenacious but now quite dishevelled protesters. Today was Shadow President Hudson's turn.
"Halsey is lurching from crisis to crisis seemingly without a plan. Look at this. 'Oniongate' it is being called. Madness. She is rudderless. Indecisive. 
Do any of us have any faith in her anymore? We cannot wait until her vote of confidence in 3304 to get rid of her. We need to act now. I will raise this in Congress as we need to put some backbone back into the Federation. We need to lower taxes. Get our youth in work or in the military. Raise the voting age to 21. Stop the haemorrhage of great systems like Dulos and Sanna. That woman is driving them into the arms of that Imperial weasel Patreus."
Reports are marking this as the beginning of an election campaign for Hudson.