10 January 3301

Fallout from Sorbago Slave Rebellion

Last night a relaxed-looking Senator Zemina Torval announced what had happened to the leaders of the Sorbago rebellion in a press conference following the return from her holiday cruise.
"We managed to fight off the Federal rabble-rousers due to excellent support from many independent pilots fighting to support the honourable tradition that is Imperial slavery, and I'd like to pass on my thanks to them. 
Production has already restarted, and a small number of slaves that had succumbed to the persuasions of the foreign trouble-makers have now been punished."
She also commented on the recent uprising in Ongkuma.
"These rabble-rousers don't appear to learn very quickly. We will have the system back in working order soon."
Senator Torval has paid generous combat bonds to independent ships that have helped her in large numbers over the last few weeks. It is understood the ringleaders of the Sorbago rebellion were executed.