23 December 3300

Patreus Attacks Durius

Senator Patreus held talks on his Majestic class Interdictor the "Imperial Freedom" last night.

The talks in the palatial Red Room on his ship were an impressive affair, but they quickly broke down early this morning, GMT, and Governor Malachai flew back to Durius without any comment to the press.

After the talks Senator Patreus gave an interview with journalists that had been invited on board for the talks.
"I am very disappointed that Mr. Malachai has not taken this issue seriously. Honour and honesty are vital attributes in our modern society, and here we have seen neither. It is with a heavy heart I have decided to take action to recover the debt from Durius. I have ships already in the Durius system, and more will be deployed as required."
Panic has spread through the tiny population of this feudal backwater, as the system moves to a war footing.